Volume - 11.2

Volume - 11.2

Using Cytology in the Exotic Mammal Patient - Peter G. Fisher, DVM

Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Leopard Gecko - Adrián Romairone Duarte, DVM and Frances Baines, MA, VetMB, MRCVS

Shope Fibroma Virus in a Pet Rabbit - Corrine S. Brown, DVM and Gary D. Dupree, DVM

New Testing Option for the Diagnosis of Encephalitozoon cuniculi in Rabbits - Carolyn Cray, PhD

Recommended UV Lamps for Chameleons - Frances Baines, MA, VetMB, MRCVS

Exotic Animal Care: Eclectus Parrots - Rose Ann Fiskett, VMD, Dipl ABVP-Avian Practice

Pathology Report: Keratoacanthoma in the Perineum of Female Pet Rats - Janice Vannevel, DVM and Silvia Maarja Selirand, DVM

Intratesticular Block in Rabbits - Paula Bracht Brynildsen, DVM; Angela M. Lennox, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian Practice and Glenda Paredes, DVM

Ferrets As I See Them - Cathy Johnson-Delaney, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian Practice

Cockatoo Foot Necrosis - Bob Dahlhausen, DVM, MS; Bob Doneley, BVSc, FACVSc and David Hannon, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian Practice

Feeding Hospitalized Woodpeckers - Niklos Weber, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian Practice, Dipl ABVP-Canine and Feline Practice

Dysplastic Koilin Layer in the Proventriculus of Two Eclectus Parrots - David Perpiñán, LV, MSc

Guest Editorial: Practicing in Today’s Economy - Peter G. Fisher, DVM

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